COACH: ‘I Guarantee Dhiego Lima Will Be Back In The UFC’

By BJPENN.COM News - October 10, 2015

TUF 19 finalist Dhiego Lima was cut from the UFC after going 1-3 in his first four bouts. Lima lost to Eddie Gordon in the final of TUF 19, then earned a decision win over Jorge de Oliveira before suffering two straight KO losses.

Lima hasn’t fought since his last fight in the UFC but his coach and current UFC middleweight, Roan Carneiro aka Jucao, says that the fighter will be back in the octagon after he takes a little break and gets a few wins in other promotions, he guarantees it.

Here’s what he said to MMAJunkie:

“He’s kind of doing the same thing I did right now. He took like three fights too close (together) in the UFC. He learned. He lost. Right now, he’s taking himeslf off. He’s got a lot of promotions calling him and asking him to fight, … but right now, he’s taking care of his family, teaching, getting his grappling better.

“He’s doing the same thing I did. I said, ‘Dude, that’s experience. You still have a lot years to fight. Take your time off.’ But that didn’t come from me. It came from him.”

“He’s going to be back next year. Some organization like RFA, Legacy, something like that. He’s going to do some fights outside, and I guarantee you he will be back in the UFC.”