Coach Believes Robbie Lawler Is The Best Welterweight In The World

“It’s unfortunate some are discrediting Rory McDonald now. I thought he was gonna break and he showed me he had a lot of heart. Much respect to him. He will be back in the winning column soon. He just faced one of the strongest guys in the division, someone that can’t be bullied or pushed around at 170lbs.

I’m sure there are still some doubters and that’s great, we don’t mind being the dog, but I’m telling you, Robbie is the best WW in the world. I’ll be the only one saying it for now. It’s my belief. I thought that when Robbie was helping me corner Hughes when he lost to GSP and Koscheck. Both times Matt lost, I would look at Robbie and think, ‘you are going to beat both of these guys.’

One down and one to go. If GSP doesn’t want to fight any more. I hope they do set up Lawler and Hendrix. It would be an amazing fight. UFC fans deserve a champ at WW that isn’t afraid to end the fight early. We would love to bring that WW belt back to Iowa for a fourth time. I don’t mean to sound over confident, I just have a strong strong belief. Again to Rob’s diehard fans thank you so much. You guys have no idea how happy he is to chat with you all.”

Coach Pena, the man responsible for getting Robbie Lawler’s hands ready for fight night, recently took to the world-famous Underground Forums to express his gratitude for the fans of Lawler and their support.

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While posting he stated that he believes his fighter is the best on the planet.


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