Claudia Gadelha is planning to appeal loss, ‘sure’ she did enough to beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk


After suffering a tough split-decision loss to Joanna Jedrzejczyk at this past weekend’s UFC on FOX 13 event, Claudia Gadelha told MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani that she plans on appealing the judges ruling because she is ‘sure’ that she won the fight, her words:

“I’m sure I won that fight. The only thing she did was that knockdown at the end of the first round. The four minutes before the knockdown I dominated the fight. The second round I dominate the fight. And the third round was the same thing. I took her down a lot of times. I was on top of her the whole time and I don’t see how she won that fight.”

Ariel asked if she wished she had done anything different:

“I want to see the fight. I want to see my mistakes and what I did wrong. But I think I performed well. I think it was a great fight, she’s a tough opponent for sure. But I think I lost the fight for the judges.”

Ariel then asked Gadelha if she planned on appealing the loss?

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“Yea we are. Like my coach, he wants to do that. You know, because there is no way she won that fight. She didn’t do nothing! The only thing she did was the knockdown at the end of the first round. You know, and then I was dominating her the whole time. So we’re going to see what we can do.”

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