Brian Stann breaks down keys to victory for Lawler & Condit

By bjpenndotcom - January 1, 2016

Tomorrow night UFC 195 goes down from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In the main event Robbie Lawler will look to defend his UFC welterweight championship once again as he faces former interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit.

Ahead of the highly anticipated scrap, Fox Sports commentator, and former UFC fighter, Brian Stann spoke to Fox Sports to discuss the keys to victory for both men.

When asked what he thought Robbie Lawler had to do in order to retain his championship, he said:

“He’s got to go out there and put pressure on Carlos Condit. Put pressure on him, cut him off and stop his combinations. As soon as Carlos starts a combination, you need to counterstrike him. Don’t let him rip off three, four or five strikes at a time, because with Carlos, that’s when he gets really tricky.

“I want to see Robbie Lawler put the pressure on him, corner him, force him to stay in front of him and when Carlos throws a combination, he has to land his own counterstriking.”

However that may not be such an easy task for Lawler against Condit, who after nearly 40 professional fights over the course of almost 15 years hinted at retirement soon.

“As a guy who used to spar him, when I really started to get in my prime was the only time I was really able to compete with him in striking. During those times, I would have my rounds with momentum, and it was those crafty, creative kicks or weird hooks or spinning strikes that would catch me.

“When he throws those, he throws them with conviction, and those are the ones that hurt you the most. You have to factor in how long Robbie Lawler has been doing this and he has been through a few wars in the last couple of years. When you go through those five-round battles, they take a little bit of you. That’s what I wonder with Robbie. Does he still have that insane durability?”

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