Barao Backpedals On Salary Talk Following White’s Reaction

By BJPENN.COM News - April 26, 2014

“After reading news of my quotes in media, I would like to say that I have never said that I was saving the UFC in this card in the sense that was published and much less that I would think that the UFC is in debt with me. This is my job. I haven’t spoke with that context, I haven’t tried to say that I was unhappy about how much I earn and that I want to renegotiate my contract. I just signed a new contract then I had no need to ask for another. When I was asked about my purse, I said what I always say: there is always how to improve it. If Faber earns more money or less than me, this isn’t my problem. He has his bills to pay and I have my bills. He also has a problem with his ugliness and I with my beauty (laughs).”

“I want to say to Dana that I won’t look for the press again if I have a problem with the numbers of my purse. I will leave it for my manager Andre Pederneiras to contact the UFC to discuss this subject.”

Earlier this week we reported that, UFC bantamweight champion, Renan Barao was not happy with his UFC pay.

UFC President Dana White came out and explained why Barao needed to increase his star power to reach that big pay-day, and he wasn’t to thrilled with the subject.

Now in a new statement (Courtesy, Barao gets off the pay talk and confirms it will be the last time the topic is discussed with the media.

Smart move champ!

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