911 call audio released from Julianna Pena’s ball bashing arrest incident

By Russell Ess - January 6, 2016

In December reports were released that UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Julianna Pena was arrested and charged with two counts of assault by the Spokane Police Department in Washington.

Julianna Peña / Julianna Pena

Details later emerged of the incident where Pena allegedly kicked two men in the groin. Pena and fellow fighter Joshua Gow apparently were trying to make their way into a closed establishment’s restroom to clean up from a bar fight outside.

TMZ released audio from two 911 calls that dispatched police to the scene of the incident (transcribed by Bloody Elbow):

Manager: “They’re like, trying to break in the doors and s**t, they’re rubbing their bloody faces on the door, and all…[unintelligible]”

Dispatcher: “They’re rubbing their bloody faces on the door?”

Manager: “Yeah.”

Dispatcher: “How many subjects are there?”

Manager: “Um, I’m gonna let you go. I gotta let you go…”

[yells at someone, takes off]

The second caller was an employee making a request after the manager had stepped outside and the confrontation turned physical.

Dispatcher: “How many people are involved?”

Employee: “Um, like seven…”

Dispatcher: “Males, females, both?”

Employee: “One female, three males, and then our two security guards and the owner of the building. They’re professional fighters, they’re gonna f**k s**t up – sorry for my language.”