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By Jon Kirschner:

After bouncing back from being pronounced dead and then getting released by World Extreme Cagefighting, it was easy to see why Ian McCall took the news of the loss and eventual tie with Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in stride.

UFC Flyweight Title contender Ian McCall has made the most of the second chances he was given. After dying briefly due to an overdose, McCall decided to dedicate his life to a career in MMA. While battling with personal demons like drug addiction, McCall was a successful mixed martial arts fighter with seven wins in nine years. However, with only seven wins in nine years even McCall himself admitted that he was not paying full attention to his career.

After getting released by WEC, Ian McCall decided to take a break from the sport. While getting some ink during his brief hiatus, McCall decided to take a couple pain-killers and smoke some weed to simmer down the pain. Throw alcohol in the mix, and he woke up in a hospital bed two days later.

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Ian McCall then rededicated himself to not only MMA, but to life as well. Now a family man with a wife and a daughter, he could not and cannot afford to mess up again. After changing his weight class to flyweight, he has yet to lose a fight. Many within the business call him the top flyweight in the world today, and he is ready to prove that on his path to become the first flyweight champion in UFC history.

McCall is a man of the people and is a frequent poster of mixed martial arts message board MMA.tv, and he recently started a thread on there saying that he will answer all questions that are asked. Sifting through the ridiculous questions like “What product do you use to keep your mustache perfectly curled”, I included only questions and answers that were MMA related.

Considering half the questions and answers were posted from a cell phone app, there was a lot of grammar errors on behalf of the fans and Ian. The only contents of this interview that have been changed is the grammar and punctuation. The answers will still send the same message as intended.

Fan Question: Are you going to begin using TRT?
Ian McCall Answer: I do actually have “low T” but I’m going the natural route to boot my level. (I’m) taking stuff like Maca Powder and whatnot.

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Q: Worst experience (of any kind)? Most embarrassing?
A: Waking up in a hospital after I died. I don’t really get embarrassed

Q: So, are you going to wear that UFC strap everywhere like Tim Sylvia did?
A: Duh… the first place will be the bedroom.

Q: If you had to estimate, how common is marijuana use in MMA?
A: First off I don’t smoke but I def don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s huge in our world in general. MMA and other sports are filled with stoners.

Q: Who is your favorite MMA fighter? Who do you get pumped up to see fight? What got you into MMA in the first place?
A: Aldo… he’s a freak and he hurts people. I like violence and I’m not good at much else.

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Q: Your most memorable fight in your career this far, and why?
A: My last one with The (Mighty) Mouse. (He) tested me and let me know I am the best. Finally got some validation that I do belong

Q: Did you feel stronger than Mighty Mouse when you guys fought?
A: Yeah, he’s not that strong

Q: Making weight out of the equation if you had your choice to fight any fighter who would you choose and why?
A: Jon Jones … cuz he’s amazingly good and I don’t like him much.

Q: Dominick Cruz has said on record that you are the best technical wrestler he has ever fought. Does this give you any added confidence seeing as that he has fought and won against all the remaining contestants in the flyweight tourney?
A: Of course. He’s not only a great champ but he’s a very smart and tactical fighter. It’s an honor.

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Q: What weight do you walk around at to be a flyweight?
A: 145.

Q: How big does the UFC Octagon feel and how does it affect the speed and pace of a flyweight contest
A: It’s f—— huge. I like it, It makes for an exciting fight for us little guys

Q: Who’s gonna win? Silva or Sonnen
A: Silva.

Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson battled to a controversial draw at UFC on FX: Kampmann vs. Alves. It was the semi-finals of a 4-man tournament to crown the first flyweight champion. The two men will rematch at UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall and the winner will meet Joseph Benavidez in the finals of the tournament.

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