Zahabi: GSP has “plenty of fighting left”

Georges St-Pierre

As speculation continues to grow on whether or not Georges St-Pierre will return to the UFC again, one person who may have the best inside information on the matter beside St-Pierre himself is his coach, Firas Zahabi.

The Montreal Tristar coach spoke with MMA Fighting to share his thoughts on the return of “Rush” to the octagon.

“I know Georges so well, I know him better than himself.” “I know Georges. I don’t know if he can walk away. I don’t think he can. I never talk to him about this stuff, because when I see him — everybody’s been asking him every single day everywhere he goes. I know that because everybody’s asking me every single day who he’s fighting.

“I just personally think he cannot sit on the sidelines for too long. That’s just the type of guy Georges is. He’s just that type of personality. He has to compete. And when he’s really done with fighting one day, he’s going to compete in something else. He’s just a competitor. I don’t know if he’s going to take up golf or something, but he’s going to compete the rest of his days. And I think that itch hasn’t gone.”

When Zahabi was asked if he felt deep inside whether GSP would make a return to fighting and step back in the cage he said:

“I think so.” “I think he’s got plenty of fighting left. He’s a beast, man. You see him in the practice room, he’s a beast. I don’t think he’s slowing down a bit.”

What are your thoughts fans? Do you think we will see a return of Georges St-Pierre?


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