WATCH! Dana White gives the reason Georges St-Pierre is not fighting, has nothing to do with post-UFC 167 issues

Georges St-Pierre, Ronda Rousey

Recent interviews with former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre have brought up a few incidents that he says are big factors that have kept him away from fighting. GSP said that he was extremely upset with incidents of being told he could not attend the UFC 167 post-fight press conference as well as the UFC allegedly taking away his championship belt after his successful title defense against Johny Hendricks.

Dana White spoke with Michael Landsberg from “Off the Record” and gave a simple explanation as to why Georges St-Pierre stepped away from fighting till this day.

“George St-Pierre lost the urge to fight, and that’s the reality. He lost the urge to fight,” White said. “It wasn’t because of anything that happened with me, or Lorenzo, or anything with the sport. He lost the urge to fight, period. End of story.”

Although St-Pierre and White seem to have different reasons for “Rush” staying on the sidelines, one thing for certain on White’s end is that Georges St-Pierre is done with fighting.

What are your thoughts on GSP’s current will to fight? Will we see ever see him fight again?

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