UFC 188 Results: Fabricio Werdum Is The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, Submits Cain In Third Round

Fabricio Werdum weigh-in

Werdum wins

Ladies and gentlemen, the unified heavyweight title was just given to the winner of Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum. The two men met in the nights main event, interim champ and original champ, to settle the debate. Read below to find out what went down.

They did not touch gloves. They started swinging right away. Cain caught Werdum who fell back. Cain let him up and they went back at it. Cain pushed Werdum to the cage and clinched. Cain landed short knees to the thighs of Werdum. When they separated Cain was cut around his eye. They exchanged, then Cain shot in and got the takedown. Cain ended up letting him get to his feet. Both men were throwing big punches. Cain landed three big punches in a row. Werdum gets Cain down, then lands a big knee when he gets to his feet. Cain got up and clinched Werdum to the cage again. Werdum threw a front body kick. Cain kept the pressure on, landing leg kicks and staying in his face. He again pushed Werdum to the cage. They separated and Werdum landed a few nice punches. Cain caught a kick and tripped Werdum to the ground. He let him up again. Werdum lands another front kick to the body. Werdum lands a big uppercut. The round ended on the feet.

Cain landed another big leg kick. Werdum’s jab landed several times. Cain landed big punches right to Werdum’s chin. Werdum landed a big uppercut. Cain kept moving forward, like he always does. Cain face was pretty bloody. Werdum tagged Cain, who started moving back. Werdum moved froward and started landing huge punches to Cain’s chin. Cain looked tired and wobbly. Cain did not look like the normal well conditioned Cain. Werdum landed a huge knee in the clinch. Werdum landed big punches to the weathered Cain. Werdum continued landing massive punches. Cain looked wobbly and was just eating big punches. Cain looked out on his feet, Werdum locked in a clinch and landed a big knee. The round ended, Cain was lucky to survive that round.

They had the doctor check Cain before they started the third round. Werdum came out and started landing big jabs. Cain shot in and Werudm almost got a guillotine, but Cain rolled out and stood up. Cain continued to eat jabs. Cain landed a big head kick, then tried to move in to deal more damage. Werdum landed big knee in the clinch. Cain shot in again and this time Werdum caught him in the guillotine again and this time Cain had to tap.

RESULTS: Werdum wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:15 of round 3 

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