UFC 182 RESULTS: Jones Goes To War, Remains Champion

Jon Jones

The light-Heavyweight championship fight just went down at UFC 182 between arguably the pound-for-pound best fighter and light-heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and undefeated challenger Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier.

Cormier came in having put pulled off of a dominant win over MMA legend Dan Henderson in May, where he threw the veteran around like a rag doll and eventually submitted him. Jones entered the octagon having beaten the who’s who of the light-heavyweight division. The emotions were running high for this fight, with all the back and forth between the two men coming to a head in the octagon.

At the start of the fight Jones looked to touch a glove, but Cormier was all business. Cormier looked to get in the champs face right away. Cormier threw a kick that Jones caught and used to get a takedown. After a big elbow, both fighter made it to their feet. Jones looked to get a cinch takedown, but Cormier shrugged him off. Cormier continued to stay in close, trying to get rid of the reach advantage. Jones landed a nice straight hand. Jones landed a knee to the body. While on the outside Cormier is at the will of Jones’ kicks and punches. Cormier with an inside leg kick. They clinched, Cormier landed a nice uppercut, then a nice combination.

In the second Jones came out connecting with body kicks. Cormier attempts to grab one and get a takedown, Jones threatened with a choke that forced Cormier to let it go. Jones got Cormier up against the cage and worked short knees. Cormier tried for a guillotine, but Jones slid out. The fighters clinched in the center of the octagon, Jones landed a few short knees. Cormier landed another good uppercut in the clinch. Jones landed several short elbows as Cormier came in close. The end of the second was a furious exchange between both men.

Jones throws his signature front leg kick, Cormier returns with his own. Cormier kept the pressure on Jones, then an eye poke happened. The action continued, with a huge body kick. Cormier shot in looking for a single leg takedown, but Jones stayed calm and defended it well. The third continued with back and forth action, with Jones jumping guard in the last few seconds.

The fourth round saw Jones get Cormier down to the mat on several occasions. Jones kept Cormier on the cage and looked for takedowns and short strikes.

The fifth and final round saw Jones putting Cormier on the cage in the clinch and keeping him there. Cormier was unable to break away and free himself. Cormier managed to get a big slam in the later part of the round, but Jones popped right up. Tough fight.

Results: Jones wins (retains the Light-heavyweight title) via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

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