“TUF 21 Finale” Results: Magalhaes Spits Blood on Samman After Getting Submitted

Josh Samma WINS

Caio Magalhaes showed terrible sportsmanship after getting submitted in the opening round by Josh Samman.

Samman was able to bust Magalhaes open along the bridge of the nose with a shot that caused blood to flow free and fast. Magalhaes tried to remain active by changing levels with strikes, but he threw a body kick that was caught by Samman who took the fight to the ground.

Magalhaes tried to scramble and make his way back to his feet along the wall of the octagon, but Samman jumped on his back and went for a rear naked choke. Magalhaes, determined to make it back to his feet, ignored defending the choke which allowed Samman to lock on the backpack rear naked choke.

Magalhaes was struggling and you could tell his breathing was impaired with the way he was panicking. He fell backwards which gave him nowhere to go with Samman torquing the rear naked choke. Magalhaes frantically tapped out and Samman went off to celebrate his victory.

As Samman went over to shake Magalhaes’ hand, Magalhaes simply scoffed and spit blood in Samman’s direction. The crowd was quick to voice their disproval of his poor sportsmanship.

Finally, another exciting finish!

Josh Samman def. Caio Magalhaes by way of Submission (RNC) 2:52 of Round 1

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