Triller files lawsuit against illegal streamers for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, claim $100 million in damages

Jake Paul, Ben Askren
Image Credit: Triller

Triller, like many combat sports promotions, is going after illegal streamers in the form of a lawsuit.

Yahoo! Sports was the first to report the news that Triller filed in the U.S. District Court in central California.

@Triller has sued 11 sites and 100 unnamed persons it alleges not only illegally streamed but sold the PPV broadcast of its @JakePaul @BenAskren show. It alleges these entities had 2 million streams at a loss of $100 million,” Kevin Iole reported.

Triller confirmed the lawsuit to in a prepared statement over e-mail. The lawsuit allege that 12 illegal streamers broadcast the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight, which they say, in turn, cost them $100 million.

Jake Paul, Ben Askren
Image Credit: Triller Fight Club

It’s shocking to think a theft so grand can be done so blatantly and brazenly and with no remorse,” Triller co-controlling shareholder, Ryan Kavanaugh said in the statement about Paul vs. Askren. There is zero difference between what they did and walking into a market stealing tons of a product and selling it at a discount in the parking lot. It’s neither civilly nor criminally any different, and we are prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. There were more than two million illegal streams, akin to hundreds of millions of dollars. Sites, mostly using Google’s YouTube, such as FILMDAILY.COM, ACCESSTVPRO.CO, enONLINE2LIVESTREAM.US, CRACKSTREAMSLIVE.COM, SPORTS-TODAY.CLUB, MY-SPORTS.CLUB, BILASPORT.COM, TRENDY CLIPS, MIKE, YOUR EXTRA, ECLIPT GAMING, ITSLILBRANDON, and others are causing significant damage not just to Triller Fight Club but content creators overall.

“People put a lot of hard work, time and money into creating a product for the consumer, and having it stolen and resold is terribly damaging,” Kavanaugh continued about the Paul-Askren card. “The good news is they are not protected by VPN masking or other firewalls as their activities are criminal and grand theft, so we will ultimately find them and prevail not just for us but for content creators in general.”

In the main event of the card, Jake Paul scored a first-round TKO over Ben Askren. Since then win, the brash YouTuber has been calling out several MMA fighters for his next fight.

What will happen with this lawsuit is uncertain. But, Triller is taking illegal streams seriously and this shows that.

What do you make of Triller filing a lawsuit for illegal streamers for the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight?

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