The Rock Explains Why He Passed On An MMA Career & Who He Thinks Takes Jon Jones

“I always have my eyes on the champions, specifically the heavyweight and light heavyweight champs. Cain Velasquez is an animal with the type of heart and conditioning that makes me want to run through a wall at 3 a.m. and do my cardio and training. My buddy Jon Jones is a very special fighter who bridges fighting and artistry like no one ever before has. They’re both incredibly inspiring champions who are needle movers in the world of MMA.

In a recent interview with UFC 360 Magazine, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson discussed all things UFC, including why he didn’t take up the sport.

Here’s more:

“I used to hear that voice a few years back, then I remembered I don’t like getting punched in the face. Kidding aside, I have boundless respect for MMA and the discipline it takes to become a champion. The best way I can honor the warriors is through my support.”

And on who he thinks will dethrone Jones,

“And I bet 2015 will be the year of Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, a bad dude. When he becomes champion, I’m gonna have to claim him as my cousin!”

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