The “Highly Intelligent” Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar


“All the old timers — and I know this happens in MMA as well — were giving him the absolute worst advice imaginable. ‘You should be a Russian. You should just stand there. Don’t move, don’t move,’. The thing about Brock is — as you know — he’s not just 285 pounds to 305 pounds, depending on the day, and a man with just enormous strength. His speed is just mind boggling. He can run the 100-yard dash in Olympic qualifying time. He can run the quarter-mile in Olympic qualifying time. He’s a once in a lifetime athlete.

“Everyone just telling him to stand in the middle of the ring and just make faces and don’t do anything and don’t do takedowns… Are you kidding me? So, Taz comes to me because in ECW — which was back in the 90’s now, we are going back — we made Taz the first UFC-style pro wrestler. Taz actually brought the tap-out to pro wrestling. Before that it was always ‘I quit’ and with Taz we were having guys tap out. He was choking guys out and they would tap. So, Taz came to me knowing that I had an affinity for this style and he said ‘you better get to this kid because they are going to ruin him. They are going to screw it up.'”

That’s Paul Heyman, WWE staple and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar’s manager, talking on Chael Sonnen’s podcast. Do you think Lesnar is really a one of kind athlete?

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