Silva Promises a ‘New Anderson’ In Rematch With Weidman

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you no win. The new Anderson is coming… The first time in my life and my career I get knocked out and I’m not happy. The time I finished the fight, I’m no happy, but I go back to the hotel and three days Dana talked to me: ‘This is very important for your legacy. We need you back. We need you to go for a rematch.’ I talk to my coach, and my family. My coach say, ‘Yeah this is very important for you. They need you back. They need you to give for the fans one more fight. One more chance for the fans watching for the belt… I go to my grandmaster in Thailand. I go for training. I pick up back my energy, the martial arts and the new Anderson is coming. You’ll see.”

In a candid interview with Sirius XM “Fight Club,” former UFC champion, Anderson Silva made a promise to the fans, a promise of a new and improved version on himself.

In the first fight the majority of the MMA world pegged Weidman as the favorite and he proved them right, but in the rematch scheduled for UFC 168, will Silva be able to swing those odds in his favor?

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