Shhh!!! Secret – Gustafsson Served 15 Months In Swedish Prison For Grievous Bodily Harm

Looks like the UFC’s light-heavyweight roster isn’t the only list of victims beaten by the hands of Alexander Gustafsson.

The top 205’er, according to a Swedish Interview, served 15 months in a Swedish Prison for ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’.

Now, before we dive into Gustafsson’s admission, I should note that I have it on good authority that the UFC is trying to keep this under wraps, going as far as telling Alexander to never talk about it again.

Not sure if that’s entirely true, but just incase, you guys be careful and keep this to yourselves.


Gustafsson’s words via (Translated using Bing)

“This is the only interview I’m doing about it here. I feel like I want my (story?) said. I want to be able to leave it and look ahead. This happened when I was a teenager, today I am a completely different person.

As a young man, I was always very much energy. And I had no real target. Thus, I had great parents, great family, but I didn’t know where I would go with all that energy.

I can’t defend it in any way. It is something that I am ashamed of. It was … There were some circumstances when I grew up. There was a lot of groupings and there were fights on the town. It went on for a couple of years ago, I moved from there. From Arboga to Gothenburg. To get away from all that. I was young, I was stupid”

Time in prison? It was hard. I was young, I was stupid. I left a safe home for a precarious existence.

When I started with [MMA] (it) turned everything (around). It was really a wow experience. It was something special. I liked the special atmosphere at the Club, among the guys. The instructors were very much for discipline and structure, and I’ve had problems with it before. Now I got it there. And it was in connection with an interest that I had.

I realized pretty quickly that this was something I wanted to do, and that what I been doing in the past were not sustainable.

It was a liberation. From having gone around with a destructive behavior to that. “Wow, I’m free!”. A (ton) lifted from my shoulders.

And not only that, I saw how my parents lit up, my siblings, my grandmother. People who love one. The who has always been there and supported me, even during the tough times. Now they saw that I had got structure. I came home with a smile on his face. I had found a calling in life.”

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