Sean Strickland tells Dillon Danis ‘I’d take your soul’ if they ever met

PhotoCred: MiddleEasy / Yahoo Finance

Sean Strickland is not a fan of Dillon Danis.

Tuesday, the rising UFC middleweight contender responded to a post made by Danis following the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley boxing match asking where the Bellator welterweight trained. Strickland then took things to their direct messages asking when sparring day is followed by an unavailable post on Danis’ end. Thus prompting him to respond by saying; “Little boy couldn’t take the heat [and] deleted his post. Never come at the king.”

In typical Sean Strickland fashion, he fired back like only he does.

“I don’t know if you’re joking or not?” Strickland responded in an Instagram DM screenshotted by Danis (h/t MMA Mania). “Like, I’d kill you,” Strickland replied in a private Instagram message posted by Danis on Wednesday. “Not metaphorically speaking. Clearly, I don’t want to go to prison but if me and you met up and I had one free pass, I’d take your soul. I’d show you your own blood before I turned your mind off for good. It would bring me great joy to take your life with my bare hands. Again, I’d never do it or threaten you but you understand that to me, you’re just a baby lamb put on this Earth to be eaten. You understand this right? You’re prey.

“Again, this isn’t a threat, clearly I’d never do this is [sic]. I’m just making a point that you’re like a baby lamb to me. The fact that you’re not my food is a testimony to civilization that it has been created in such a way to where you’re able to walk this Earth as a lamb pretending to be a wolf with impunity. Odd thought.”

Strickland returns to the octagon on Nov. 6 in Madison Square Garden at UFC 268 to face Luke Rockhold.

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