Rogan questions post-TRT Belfort

Joe Rogan Instagram Pic

Going into Vitor Belfort’s trilogy bout with Dan Henderson this past Saturday in Sao Paulo there was much question as to how Belfort would look given that he was no longer able to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Belfort silenced critics by stopping Henderson with strikes in the 1st round, however as Joe Rogan points out, Belfort still looks smaller than he did when he was on TRT.

Rogan explained on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience:

“When you look at Vitor now, he definitely looks better in this fight then he did in the Chris Weidman fight. He looked more built, but he still didn’t look like he did when he was on [testosterone replacement therapy] TRT. But the question is, what is he doing now? If he needed testosterone replacement before how has his body recovered like this? Has he figured out some nutritional way to get around it or is he figuring out some undetectable way to use? No one knows. We’re not going to know unless he gets caught.

“Tim Kennedy said it best. He said, ‘It doesn’t look like Vitor is using as many steroids. Tim Kennedy is hilarious. He said he wanted to fight ‘the slower, fatter Vitor.'”

What do you think of Vitor Belfort on TRT compared to Vitor Belfort off TRT?

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