Oscar De La Hoya has been in talks with Ronda Rousey regarding boxing career

Ronda Rousey

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has gone on record and said that she wants to win titles in sports outside of MMA. Her initiative to be remembered as the greatest combat sport fighter of all time would require her to step outside of the Octagon and in to a new ring.

Retired boxing world champion Oscar De La Hoya and operator of Golden Boy Promotions says that he has already been in talks with the Olympic judo medalist turned pop icon.

“Absolutely. Look: we’ve discussed it, and whenever she’s ready to step into the ring as a fighter, as a boxer, then obviously Golden Boy Promotions will be right there with her,” De La Hoya said to FightHub.

Regarding her future in boxing, De La Hoya said, “She’s tough. She’s really good. Speed, power and instinct – which is very important. She dares to be great. That’s the difference with a lot of fighters, she takes the risks and that’s what I love about her.”

Rousey will get her chance to test her skills in her bout at UFC 193 on Nov. 15 against Holly Holm, a decorated former boxing champion.

Will Rousey keep the fight standing and show the world what she can do against the boxing champion? Or will she look to take it to the ground where she will have the significant advantage? Fire away on how you see this fight going in the comment section below!

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