Melendez Open For ‘Easy Money’ Rematch Against ‘Delusional’ Sanchez

“I feel like he got hit a lot. If he’s saying it was a draw I think he’s a little delusional. You gotta say what you gotta say when you lose to keep yourself in the right mentality and feel like you’re still relevant, to campaign for yourself. I could have went two more rounds. I felt like I was on to something. He’s the guy that fires away and gets tired and I start attacking. They got a lot of timeouts for him. They weren’t going to stop it in the third round, there was no reason to call timeouts. I could go on and say how I feel but I’m just happy I won. I think [Sanchez] is a little silly for saying that but he’s a weird guy. Sometimes he’s complimenting and sometimes he’s disrespectful and I don’t think he even knows it. It seemed like Dana [White] loved it. He was just ‘Diego, Diego, Diego.’ I was waiting for my compliments and it was ‘Diego.’ I think [the rematch] is something they do want to see. They’re talking ‘World War, lets do it in Mexico City.’ To be honest, that’s easy money. That was good for me. If he thinks it was competitive I’ll be more than happy to bust him up again.”

In a recent interview with Fight! Magazine, former Strikeforce lightweight champion and UFC title challenger Gilbert Melendez talks about the post-fight reaction of his last opponent Diego Sanchez.

Would you tune in to watch part two?

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