Insane Spinning Wheel-Kick KO Video: Who did it better?

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A spinning wheel kick is without a doubt one of the flashiest ways to earn a KO victory in mixed martial arts. It’s an extremely well timed and very advanced kick to land on your opponent. Stepping across your body, you temporarily expose your back to your opponent as you shift your weight into your support leg. As you turn your head over your shoulder to aim your kick at your opponent, you then release the kick with all the power and torque of your body to deliver the fight ending kick.

Edson Barboza’s wheel kick knockout of Terry Etim back in UFC 142 on January 2012 was the new benchmark of wheel kicks. Fortunately Etim recovered from the setback loss and went 1-1 after the KO by Barboza. Youtube host many amazing spinning wheel kick videos of karate tournaments all over the world. But to implement that kick on a fighting stage that large Barboza still might own the number one spot. You be the judge. What is the best SWK on video? Enjoy the video.

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