Henderson: Belfort was ‘obviously doing more than just TRT’ in last fight

Ahead of their third meeting at ‘UFC Fight Night: Sao Paulo’ this Saturday, Dan Henderson reflected on his second bout with Vitor Belfort, where ‘The Phenom’ KO’d Henderson for the first time in his career.

By now everyone knows that Vitor Belfort was a part of the now-defunct TRT program, and had several questionable incidents while in the program, including his pre-UFC 152 drug test which was discovered recently to be questionable.

Henderson spoke about Belfort’s past TRT usage during the ‘UFC Fight Night: Sao Paulo’ media day, saying:

“A lot of times the truth tends to come out eventually, like Lance Armstrong. He’s also tested positive for steroids in the past, and since he’s tested for TRT and other things too — I think that if you look at the picture of both of us when we fought then, and a picture of both of us now, I mean, a picture says a lot. Obviously, he was doing a lot more than I was, my body hasn’t changed at all. I was barely doing any TRT, and I wasn’t abusing anything.”

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