Did Benson Henderson just pick up a toothpick sponsorship?

Benson Henderson and toothpicks go together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you have no idea what that saying is referring to, Benson Henderson has had a very odd and connected history with toothpicks. “Smooth” has admitted to keeping a toothpick in his mouth in training, and even during his UFC fights.

It looks like his unusual habit may be helping to pad his wallet. Henderson posted a photo to Instagram with the caption reading:

If you don’t already know about worthy and fulsome toothpicks, allow me to introduce you, I give you @Daneson…I gotta have top quality in my training gear, @everlast, and my personal life, hold yourself to higher standards…

A clear plug for his endorsement of both Daneson and Everlast, it seems like both the former UFC lightweight champion and a toothpick company have found the perfect relationship to help with one another’s needs.

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