‘Bigfoot’ Used To Produce Milk From Chest Before TRT Use – True Story!

I did some research before passing on this bit of information.

According to the 1978 book The Tender Gift: Breastfeeding, medical anthropologist Dana Raphael was the first to assert that men could produce breast milk given the right circumstances and stimuli.

Other doctor’s have also verified this is possible, for example, if the male patient has a pituitary gland issue.

Such is the case with UFC heavyweight fighter, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

His manager, Alex Davis, broke it down to ‘The MMA Hour‘:

“This is one of the guys that really have authentic technical reasons to be on TRT. He has acromegaly. His pituitary gland overproduces GH (growth hormone) and that unbalances all his other hormones.”

“When I started managing him, he was actually lactating. He has extreme low testosterone. He has extremely low testosterone, so he has a real reason to be on TRT.”

“I didn’t really take part on the TRT process. There was a miscommunication between him and his doctor. If I was in the middle of it maybe we would have avoided it. I didn’t realize I needed to be involved.”

Bigfoot’ is currently serving a 12-month suspension for having elevated testosterone levels in his last fight against Mark Hunt.

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