WATCH! Joe Rogan on Benson Henderson signing with Bellator: ‘Why wouldn’t they go to another organization?’

By Russell Ess - February 4, 2016

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan recently spoke about Benson Henderson’s decision to leave the UFC to fight for Bellator MMA. Rogan gave a very candid talk about Henderson, MMA, and getting paid.

“Well I am a big fan of Benson Henderson,” Rogan said. “I wish him luck in everything he does. I think he is a great fighter. I love watching him fight and I think he is going to have some fantastic fights at Bellator.”

Rogan aded, “I also think the competition (with the UFC) is good. I think it is important. It helps everybody. I think there is plenty to go around. That is what my belief is. I am not anti-Bellator by any stretch of the imagination. I am pro-MMA. I am pro the MMA athletes, and if an athlete can get paid more to fight in another organization, he should go there.”

Rogan delved more into fighter pay and revealed some interesting information with the Reebok deal and spoke about Henderson’s financial situation as a result of the uniform code enforced by Reebok and the UFC.

“It is also the Reebok deal. I know with Benson, he took a huge financial hit with the Reebok deal. I spoke to him about it personally. It wasn’t something that he complained about, he is not a whiner or anything like that. It’s just a money issue. If they can make far more money, far more, we’re talking like hundreds of thousands of dollars more without the Reebok deal, why wouldn’t they go to another organization?”

Rogan goes on to say that unless the ultimate goal is to be a champion in the UFC and bank on the pay that comes from being champion, the landscape of the biggest MMA promotion in the world is a tough one with a lot of fierce competition.

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