VIDEO | Ronda Rousey corner-cam audio from UFC 207 fight

In the main event of UFC 207, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey stepped into the Octagon against Amanda Nunes in a highly anticipated matchup for the women’s bantamweight championship after over a year away from the Octagon.

The fight was an extremely quick one, and an extremely dominant one for Nunes, who picked up a TKO win over Rousey just 48 seconds into the fight as she successfully made her first title defense with the win.

Tarverdyan: Make her miss, miss, miss!

Tarverdyan: Ronda, make her miss!

Second cornerman: Be patient. Pick your moments

Fight starts.

Tarverdyan: Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement!

Tarverdyan: Yes, move!

Rousey is already taking a few punches at this point, unable to properly defend. She continues to take damage as the following takes place.

Tarverdyan: Hands up! Hands up! Hands up! Catch her! Clinch!

Second cornerman: Get to the head!

Rousey is unable to get the clinch, starts taking worse damage as Nunes lands some power shots.

Tarverdyan: Head movement! Good job! Jab!

Rousey is unable to establish the jab or fight back. She takes a defensive position with a high guard on her left side as she continues to take more punishment.

Tarverdyan: Move, move! Come on, please!

Rousey starts to move to her left as more shots keep coming.

Tarverdyan: Move, move, move! Clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch!!

Nunes finishes Rousey, makes the shushing sign as she walks triumphantly around the cage.


Nunes makes her way to Tarverdyan and says a few things before popping her head out of the cage to say a few more bon mots. Edmond remains quiet during this part.

Tarverdyan: (as Amanda walks away) Move, (unintelligible)… move! Fuck!

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