VIDEO | Kelvin Gastelum discusses his dominant win over Tim Kennedy

Former TUF winner Kelvin Gastelum earned an impressive knockout victory over perennial middleweight contender Tim Kennedy at last night’s UFC 206 event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After a tough first-round, Gastelum was able to utilize his crisp boxing to dominate Kennedy in rounds two and three.

The former The Ultimate Fighter winner, Gastelum, battered Kennedy with punches in the late stages of round three eventually sending Tim crashing to the canvas.

Following his big win at UFC 206, Gastelum stated that he still hopes to return to the UFC’s welterweight division of 170-pounds, where he has had a very difficult time making weight in the past.

Obviously the decision to let Gastelum try and compete at welterweight will be left up to UFC president Dana White. With that said, Kelvin looked fantastic as a middleweight last night, which may persuade the brash UFC boss to go against Gastelum’s wishes.

Get all of the play-by-play from last night’s UFC 206 Kennedy vs. Gastelum bout below:

Round one begins and Kennedy lands a pair of leg kicks to start. Kelvin is pressuring early. Kennedy catches him with a body kick and then a side kick. Kelvin with a low kick. Tim scores with a right hand and presses Gastelum against the cage. Kennedy drags Gastelum to the ground and looks to take his back. He does but Kelvin scrambles and breaks free of one hook. Kennedy is riding him here. Kelvin stands back up but Tim presses him against the cage and starts unloading knees. These knees to the thigh are brutal. Kennedy continues to batter Kelvin with knees to the leg and butt. Kelvin breaks free and lands a nice punch. He begins applying the forward pressure and lands another good counter shot off a Kennedy miss. Tim’s right eye is swollen now. Tim lands a body kick and then another. Kelvin charges forward with punches and tags Kennedy. Another good straight right from Gastelum and then an uppercut to close out round one.

Round two begins and Kennedy lands a leg kick. He presses forward and attempts a takedown. It is not there and Kelvin switches the position and ends up taking the back of Kennedy. Kelvin with some knees. He drags Tim to the floor. Kennedy fights his way back up and pushes Kelvin against the cage. Gastelum breaks free and lands a right hand and then a follow up left. Kennedy tries to fire back but misses. A nice push kick scores for Kelvin. He lands another kick to the body. Tim leaps forward with a right hand that misses. Tim uses a side kick to keep Kelvin at bay. Gastelum with a nice uppercut but Kennedy shoots in and scores a takedown. Kelvin scores a sweep and winds up in top position. Kennedy scrambles back to his feet bit Gastelum is quickly on him with punches. Kennedy fires back with a side kick but Gastelum stays on him and lands a nice combination. He follows that up with a crisp jab and then another. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Gastelum is all over Kennedy with punches. He throws a head kick that is blocked. Kelvin with a left and then a jab. Tim is rocked here. Beautiful combinations from Kelvin. Kennedy is in all sorts of trouble here. Still, he charges forward with strikes. Kelvin ducks the strikes and lands another left. He scores a crisp right hand. Kennedy misses with a spinning head kick. That kick was very slow. Kelvin presses forward and lands a body kick. Kennedy runs after him and presses Kelvin against the fence. He shakes him off and lands another hard combination. A left hook lands. Then a right hand and another left. Kennedy drops and this one is over!

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