VIDEO | Frankie Edgar’s Manager: We Can Beat the Sh-t Out of Conor McGregor in June

Frankie Edgar

Conor McGregor speaks and all hell breaks loose. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed Champ Champ™ revealed that he wanted to fight Frankie Edgar at UFC 222 when Max Holloway was forced to pull out. The Instagram post rocketed up to a million likes in several hours and next thing you know, Frankie Edgar’s manger and coach were releasing sizzling statements about the claim. But Ali Abdel-Aziz wasn’t done, he got on TMZ Sports and went off over McGregor in a rant that’s been building up for over three years.

“Let me talk to you about Conor McGregor. He’s like a prostitute that used to make high dollar money, but who got old and nobody wanted anymore. You understand? This is what he is. This f-cking guy, for three years he did everything he can not to fight Frankie Edgar. He was supposed to fight Frankie Edgar and he chose Chad Mendes coming off a loss, camping, over Frankie. He had so much opportunity, now he wants to f-cking fight Frankie? It’s funny, because as soon as Max [Holloway] got hurt, coach Mark Henry told me to reach out to the UFC and ask if Conor could step in. I did call the UFC, they said, ‘Dude, we can’t even get him to fight in his own weight class, he’s not gonna f-cking fight Frankie.'”

“Listen, [McGregor]’s so f-cking afraid of anything starts with the letter ‘F’. That’s Frankie. You know, the whole thing is, he copied everything Floyd Mayweather does. He’s older, he wants to be relevant and he wants to create news. You guys called me. Why you guys call me? Because Conor Mcf-cking McNuggets, like f-cking Tony Ferguson says, he’s f-cking making news. He ducked Frankie Edgar for three years. He could’ve fought Frankie so many times, but he didn’t. Now he want to fight Frankie? Guess what, like I said, let’s handle [Brian] Ortega and after Ortega, we can fight him in June. They need a main event for June, we’ll fight him in June, but he’s scared. I don’t care if Frankie 50-years old. Frankie could be 50-years old and beat the sh-t out of him. Him and the entire nation of Ireland.” — Ali Abdel-Aziz speaking to TMZ Sports.

Just like Frankie Edgar’s coach, Abdel-Aziz is now calling Conor McGregor’s bluff and challenging him to fight Edgar next if ‘The Answer’ gets passed Brian Ortega. Frankie Edgar seemed to confirm the comments in a Tweet sharing the interview, but does that mean he’d pass up a title fight with Holloway at featherweight to finally fight McGregor? The closest these two were to fighting last time was actually two years ago today. Rafael dos Anjos pulled out of his lightweight title fight with McGregor and Edgar could not step in to replace him due to a torn groin.

This article first appeared on on 2/23/2018.

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