VIDEO | Dominick Cruz: Cody Garbrandt is ‘dumb enough to not think at all’

UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is set to defend his belt against the challenger Cody Garbrandt in the co-main event of UFC 207, which takes place on December 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Leading up to the five-round war that is scheduled to take place between Cruz and Garbrandt, the two have engaged in a war of words and both competitors surely aren’t taking their foot off the pedal now that it is fight week.

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“The guy who is resorting to talking about looks before a fist fight, that sounds like his insecurities talking to me,” Cruz told TMZ recently. “Like I said, I think that him talking about my beard and hiding my chin is his insecurities talking to me. I posted a video of him on my Instagram recently and it’s basically him getting knocked out cold. I mean, this guy has been hospitalized for concussions several times. He’s got an amateur career and we all know amateur boxers take a lot of damage to that brain. That little mini brain of his doesn’t know the difference between an amateur fight and a pro fight. All it knows is that his brain has been rattled and if you listen to him, he’s got a whole lot of stutters not just in his step.

TMZ then asks Cruz is he could see himself getting a beer with Garbrandt after their fight is done in the Octagon.

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“Honestly, I see a lot of similarities,” Cruz said. “I kind of like how he’s tough enough to speak his mind. A lot of these other guys are scared to say what they think.

“Unfortunately, for me, he’s dumb enough to not think at all and he just talks and that’s actually playing in my favor. It’s like, this guy just continues to bash on himself. He leaves all the work, I have nothing to do. It’s embarrassing hearing the poor guy try to speak, man.”

Will all the talk play into the championship fight between Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt? Give us your winning pick in the comment section!

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