VIDEO | Demetrious Johnson’s UFC 216 Mighty Wiz Bar Voted Best Submission of All-Time

Demetrious Johnson

Let’s get real here for a minute. The things that Demetrious Johnson has done are incredible. He’s literally lapped his entire division, he’s the most dominant champion in UFC and ZUFFA history, and if the superfight with UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw happens and Johnson is able to win, it will be hard to argue that he’s not one of – if not the – greatest of all time. What makes Johnson so great are things like UFC 216. Not only did he break Anderson Silva’s title defense record defending his UFC flyweight title against Ray Borg, he did it by submitting him with a freaking German suplex into an armbar. It’s not surprise the fans voted that it was the best submission of all-time.

“I’ve done that submission for like three of four years now and everybody out there is like, ‘Oh, that’s The Mouse Trap’. That’s not the Mouse Trap, I have another submission series for the Mouse Trap. That’s the Mighty Wiz Bar because Matt Hume showed me that armbar, I can’t remember how long ago, but I’ve got such a big arsenal working with the same coach for 13 years that you build that database over time. […] “It’s always been in my back pocket, in my toolbox, but I never try to force submissions. When you start trying to force things, that’s when you over-extend, you make mistakes.”

“It was just the perfect timing. Matt has been working with me on shifting people’s weights when they’re trying to be heavy. And then once Ray Borg threw that back elbow, he took his weight off, he went to focus on planting, so I purposefully started kneeing him in the legs, just getting his mind on something else. So once he goes, ‘back elbow,’ thank you, you just moved your weight for me, now you just became lighter. Then threw him up and that’s why I was able to execute that.” — Demetrious Johnson speaking on The MMA Hour after UFC 216.

As always, Demetrious Johnson is in the most epic and elite of company. His Mighty Wiz Bar submission beat out subs by Anderson Silva, Ryo Chonan, Jon Jones, Frank Mir, Matt Hughes, Korean Zombie, and even Fabricio Werdum tapping out Fedor Emelianenko. The most impressive thing is that Johnson still has more spectacular submissions under his sleeve. What records will he break in 2018 and will he get to see the Mouse Trap this year? Let’s hope he gets to test it against TJ Dillashaw.

This article first appeared on on 2/16/2018.

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