VIDEO | Conor McGregor shows fans why he gets so many speeding tickets

The people of Ireland I love you 🍀❤

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Late in the year 2017, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor appeared in court in Dublin, where he faced his third charge for speeding after reportedly driving driving 98 mph in a 60-mph zone just outside the city.

From the looks of it, he hasn’t exactly learned his lesson yet. 

Early on Monday morning, the Irish champ shared a video to Instagram, which was evidently shot by a carful of fans in Ireland. In this video, the fans pull up beside McGregor on the road, and after a quick conversation, he peels off into the night and breakneck speed. See it above!

At present, Conor McGregor’s fighting future is shrouded in mystery. That said, the fighter’s head coach John Kavanagh recently assured he’s pushing for a return to the UFC’s Octagon in the year 2018.

“Conor’s still the champion,” Kavanagh told BBC Sport. “He can says what he wants but I have his belt at home. He’s still the champion. He’s making the decision on what makes sense for the next move but it’s kind of early days yet. We’re just watching how that has developed while he’s been away. Let’s see what happens in 2018. I’m excited about it.”

“You want to know my opinion?” Kavanagh continued. “I’ll be pushing very hard for MMA. The boxing was a nice detour from what we’ve done but mixed martial arts is my passion so if I have anything to do with it, he’ll be in the octagon this year.”

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This article first appeared on on 1/8/2018.

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