Conor McGregor: ‘I don’t really hate Nate, I have no hate for any man that is on the same journey as me’

The fight game is a business and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor sees it as exactly that. As much as the outspoken and brash Irishman can talk his way into his opponent’s head, “The Notorious” is simply doing his job.

McGregor had a moment to talk with Colin Cowherd on the fight business and his opponent for UFC 196 going down this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s just another day for me (transcribed by MMA Fighting). I’m unshackling chains off me when I make that walk. It’s freedom for me in there. I get to go in. I have nobody telling me what I can do or how I can do it. I’m free to paint the picture how I want. That’s it. I enter, I come out the gate fast and I spin and I set the tone for the unorthodox and then set my opponent up for a KO blow and then I execute it. It’s simply another day for me.”

While McGregor is notoriously known for his trash talking, his opponent Nate Diaz is known to get in his opponent’s head as well. The two had a very entertaining press conference where the two traded verbals shots at each other.

“I don’t really hate Nate,” said McGregor. “I have no hate for any man that is on the same journey as me. We’re all chasing the same dream here so I can’t hate the man with the same dream as me. For me, it’s business. There is no emotion there. I go in and I decipher his movements, I decipher his reactions and I make a trap for him and I walk him into the trap. Whether situations in the fight are being verbalized, this is just another day inside the Octagon.

“They talk while they do their work but Nate is no different and I am no different. I’m sure there will be talking but it is business. There is no hate. There is cold.”

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