AUDIO | Nick Diaz comments that Nate was smoking ‘chronic,’ not CBD at UFC 202 press conference

The Diaz brothers have been advocates of marijuana ever since they found themselves in the spotlight.

The older Diaz brother, Nick has been very open with his marijuana use and has just finished up an 18-month suspension term for testing positive for marijuana in his last competition back in January of 2015.

Nick was a guest on The Jasta Show recently and touched on the topic of being an advocate of marijuana.

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“I am the number one athletic stoner besides Michael Phelps,” Diaz claimed on the podcast.

Diaz went on to say that he feels marijuana is, in fact, a performance enhancing drug for athletes.

“I do think it’s a performance enhancing drug, but I mean like, so are vitamins. People get really misconstrued on that whole thing,” Diaz said.

“I’d like to start shedding some light on this stigma that people that smoke weed are lazy or that they’re not thinkers or something. It’s really limiting to die without ever smoking weed or indulging in some way because my grandfather died and I don’t think he ever. And, I feel some type of way about that. I hate to see my grandmother go out the same way but I don’t know if I ever see talking any sense into these old people. They don’t understand it.

“The thing is, once you’ve actually gone down that road, then you’ve subjected yourself to the other side of things and you’ve gotta start to see perspectives and just not limiting yourself to understanding those perspectives is a really big thing to me. Limiting yourself, in general, is a really big thing to me. Becoming conditioned and limiting yourself, it screws with me.”

Diaz went on to mention how smoking immediately after a fight is something he wants to do to remedy the effects of fighting but has to wait until he submits his drug testing sample.

As far as the controversial moments after UFC 202 where his brother Nate was smoking a vape pen that he claimed was filled with CBD oil, Nick said that it was not CDB oil after all.

CBD oil

“That wasn’t CBD. He was smoking the chronic. That was some kush,” Nick said at the end of the audio clip with a little laugh.

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