VIDEO | The Best Post-Fight Speech Of The Year?

A women’s strawweight bout between Katherine Roy and Brandi Narvaez took place during today’s “AKA 1: Rite of Passage” event which aired exclusively on FloCombat.

The entertaining scrap ended in a controversial split-decision win for Katherine, but it was Roy’s post-fight speech that would steal the show.

“Hey y’all listen up. Listen up real quick. This doesn’t happen often. Brandi had me on the fence and she pushed my sports bra half of the way up. So we would have had some side boob going on here. And she goes ‘Hold on. Bra. Boob.’ And she let me fix my sports bra without hurting me, without punching me. That is good sportsmanship. So none of y’all saw my titties, it did not happen! Alright? Give it up to this woman right here. I love all y’all. Thank you!”

After watching the rather hilarious post-fight speech former UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger Kat Zingano took to Twitter with the following statement.

“This is why I don’t fight in just a sports bra anymore. Twice I’ve slipped a nip professionally. @ufc” – Cat Zingano (August 20/17)

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