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Texas judge responds to criticism from UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Seth Fuller has clapped back at Joe Rogan and the other UFC commentators following their critique of his scorecard at UFC 277.

Fuller was judging the heavyweight fight between Hamdy Abdelwahab vs. Don’Tale Mayes and scored the fight – and the third round for Mayes which was a big surprise. In the third round, Abdelwahab had 3:51 of control time and was two-for-two on takedowns while also outstriking Mayes 18-12, but Fuller gave the round to Mayes which Rogan was very critical of and said on the broadcast  “that guy needs a talking to….we need to check to see what he’s been on.”

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Now, two weeks later, Fuller took to his YouTube channel to respond to Rogan’s criticism.

“Joe Rogan you’re still my hero. … But I have to face that, and everybody I know has to face that, and this is the important part, the commission has to hear that,” Fuller said in his YouTube video (via MMAFighting). “Now the commission goes, hey, this is why we shouldn’t have put this guy on the main UFC. … And that’s to me, a bunch of BS, because if I’m doing it wrong, then cite me for doing it wrong. But if you’re pretending that I’m not experienced, or I was careless, or I didn’t think, and do my absolute best, and I don’t care about these fighters and care that the result is the correct result according to the rules that they agreed to, you’re just plain wrong.”

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According to Seth Fuller, he says the final blitz by Mayes stole the round for him as he thought Mayes landed the more damaging shots. Although the two other judges scored the third round for Abdelwahab, Fuller says he is not an idiot or wrong as Rogan thought.

“Two other judges obviously disagree, and I have no problem with that,” Fuller said, in response to Rogan. “But I just wanted to show you, I’m not an idiot, I’m not bad at scoring, I don’t not know what I’m looking at. I do know what I’m looking at, and in fact, I would say I know the rules that I just said to you better than the announcers, because the announcers just went through the course that I went through 12 years ago, and their scores were all over the place.”

What do you make of the judge responding to Joe Rogan?

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM