Sean O’Malley accuses TJ Dillashaw of turning down SUG fight

Sean O'Malley
Image Credit: UFC

UFC prospect Sean O’Malley has accused TJ Dillashaw of turning down a fight against him in Submission Underground.

It’s no secret that O’Malley is one of the most intriguing rising stars the UFC has right now and in equal measure, it’s also not a surprise that many of his fellow bantamweights aren’t big fans of him.

If anyone wants proof of that, just check out what former champion TJ Dillashaw said when asked whether or not O’Malley could eventually become the king of the division.

“I don’t think he’ll [Sean O’Malley] become champion,” Dillashaw said. “He’s got too many holes and they’re feeding him the right fights because he’s a huge draw, right? They put him in the UFC pump up machine, they can do that to pretty much anyone if you have a little bit of character. If you can talk whatsoever or be a little bit color, they’ll pump you up and then he’s done a good job promoting himself. He’s done a really good job with that and it takes work, man.”

Quotes via MMA News

On his own podcast, O’Malley revealed that there was actually an opportunity for the two to square off in Chael Sonnen’s SUG promotion – but “Killashaw” wasn’t interested.

“He [T.J. Dillashaw] got offered a jiu-jitsu match against me from Chael Sonnen a couple months back and he said no,” said O’Malley.

If both men can keep on winning over the course of their next few fights then who knows, maybe a title showdown between the pair could become reality in 2022 or beyond.

Do you think Sean O’Malley has what it takes to become champion in UFC’s 135-pound division? If not, can TJ Dillashaw reclaim the throne next year? Let us know your thoughts on this unfolding beef down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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