Kamaru Usman still wants GSP fight: “He can still do it”

By Tom Taylor - July 16, 2020

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman still wants to share the Octagon with Georges St-Pierre, widely regarded as the division’s greatest fighter ever.

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Usman is riding high after a lopsided decision win over MMA superstar Jorge Masvidal at UFC 251 last Saturday. With his win over Masvidal in the rear-view mirror, he’s now hoping for the chance to mix it up with the division’s former champion, St-Pierre.

“Honestly, I would have to say Georges St-Pierre,” Usman told TMZ Sports recently (via MMA Fighting). “Right now we’re tied for the record- most consecutive wins in the welterweight division – and Georges is a tough guy, Georges is a legend. Georges is a guy who has put his time in and is considered one of the best and that’s where I aim to be. Georges can still do it. He proved it, what, two years ago when he came back, that he can still do it. And I feel that he’s still able to do it. He’s still able to come in and be that opponent where people are unsure. Like, ‘You know what? We don’t know if Usman’s got this one.’ I think Georges St-Pierre can be that guy and that’s what I’m looking for. Those are what champions are made of. When you get that feeling, ‘I’m not sure. This one’s a tough one. I don’t know how this one is gonna go but I’m gonna damn well go out there and compete and see what happens.’ I think Georges St-Pierre can be that guy and if Georges wants to do it, Georges can get it too.

“Georges knows what he’s done with his legacy,” Usman added. “He’s cemented his legacy. He’s put in the time, he’s put in the work, and that’s why he sits at the top as one of the best ever. So I’d love to test myself. I’m a martial artist just like he was a martial artist and if he still has some fire burning in that oven, let’s test it out. Let’s go out and see if he can still do it.”

While Usman would love the opportunity to test himself against St-Pierre, he says he’s not picky in terms of his next opponent.

“If it is, it is. I don’t discriminate when it comes to an opponent,” Usman concluded. “That’s one thing that the company, you can quote me on that. I don’t say ‘No’ to anybody. If the company feels like that’s the next guy or if it’s GSP or if it’s Leon Edwards, then that’s the next guy. My job as the undisputed champion is to stay champion. So whoever they put in front of me, their dreams of being champion quickly turn into nightmares.”

Who do you want to see Kamaru Usman fight next?

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