Jorge Masvidal praises Nick and Nate Diaz, still wants to fight both

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington, Matt Hughes

Jorge Masvidal was briefly linked to a UFC 235 showdown with Nick Diaz, but that fight unfortunately fizzled out. All the same, Masvidal still has tremendous respect for Nick Diaz and his brother Nate, and is definitely interested in fighting both under the right circumstances.

“Obviously, I want to fight Diaz, because they’re dogs,” Masvidal said on a recent episode of MMAjunkie Radio. “That’s what I really admire about them. Their skillset is not the greatest. They’re great at boxing. They’re great at jiu-jitsu even off their backs, but that thing – they don’t kick, they don’t wrestle.

“There are a lot of things they don’t do,” he continued. “But what makes them stand out from other fighters is the dog in them. The game. And that’s what I wanted to get after. I wanted to get in there and see who’s more dog – who’s really got that dog in them, that game. That’s what I was looking the most forward to.”

While Jorge Masvidal has tremendous respect for Nick and Nate Diaz, he doesn’t think either fight makes sense right now. He’s been out for well over a year, and wants to fight somebody he’s sure will actually show up.

“It depends on which stage of my life I’d be in,” Masvidal said. “Right now, (I wouldn’t want it), because I just want to fight. I want a guaranteed fight. I don’t want something like this to happen. I just want to fight. So, right now, I wouldn’t want to fight anybody that’s had like a high rate of signing and then somehow, some way end up not fighting, whether it’s by injury or whatever it is. I wouldn’t want to fight anybody like that. I want to fight somebody that’s pretty dead-locked when they sign the contract”

Would you like to see Jorge Masvidal fight Nick Diaz or Nate Diaz in the future?

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