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Joe Rogan says Brendan Schaub “needs a handler” after his conspiracy theory about UFC 279: “It’s so dumb”

Joe Rogan didn’t agree with Brendan Schaub’s conspiracy theory about UFC 279.

After Khamzat Chimaev missed weight for his main event scrap against Nate Diaz, the promotion had to re-arrange the card and made Diaz vs. Tony Ferguson as the new main event. However, Schaub claimed this was all part of the UFC’s plan because the card was not trending well.

Dana White then blasted Schaub for his conspiracy theory and said that was not the case.

I heard this thing today, and I don’t know how true it is, Pat Miletich was saying we told Khamzat not to make weight because we weren’t selling tickets,” White said. “The f*****g show was sold out going into that day of the weigh-ins. I don’t know if Pat really said that, but if he did, he has to be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. I mean, you know how f*****g stupid you have to be to even think something like that, let alone say it publicly and act like you’re f*****g serious.

“We’re regulated by the athletic commission,” White continued. “If you think we told Khamzat Chimaev to not make weight, then Khamzat shows up and the fans are all pissed off at him and stuff, and he’s going to just … if you know anything about the sport, this is a guy that was actually in the sport, training and fighting and everything else. If Pat really said that, holy shit, we might have to send him to the out f*****g clinic, the brain clinic, to get him checked out.”

Of course, it was Brendan Schaub who made those claims which Dana White later corrected. Now, Joe Rogan has also taken a shot at his friend as he said he was dumb for saying that theory and believes Schaub needs a handler to help him with what to say.

“It’s so dumb,” Rogan said on his podcast (h/t MMANews). “I didn’t talk to him about that, but first of all, he’s wrong. He’s wrong about the theory. He needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. ‘What are you gonna do? No, no, no; here’s why.’ And he’ll go, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ If you’re spending any time, if you’re a busy man, a family man, you’ve got kids, wife, sh*t to do — if you’re spending any time arguing on Twitter, that’s a waste of your life.”

As of right now, Brendan Schaub has yet to respond to Joe Rogan’s comments.

What do you make of Joe Rogan’s comments towards Brendan Schaub?

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