Joe Rogan gives hilarious take on Tai Tuivasa’s ‘shoeys’

Tai Tuivasa, Joe Rogan

UFC heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa is best known for two things. First and foremost is handiwork in the cage, which has carried him to a solid 8-1 record. Second is his affection for ‘shoeys’ — the act of chugging a beer out of somebody else’s shoe. UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a big fan of the first of those things, but he’s not so sure about the second.

Rogan gave his take on shoeys on the latest episode of his podcast:

“Tai Tuivasa, that dude’s an animal,” Rogan told his guest Eddie Bravo. “That guy’s crazy. That’s the guy that drinks out of a shoe. You ever seen him do that? He does shoeys. He pours beers into shoes — into other people’s shoes. He’ll tell someone to take their shoe off, he pours beer into their shoe, and then drinks it.”

“Oh my god,” Bravo responded, seemingly aghast by what he’d just heard.

“It’s so disgusting,” Rogan continued. “It’s so foul. I don’t get it. But, I get it! I don’t get it, but I get it. He likes to party. He’s like that dude in Talladega Nights… John C. Reilly… He’s like ‘I like to party.’

“He likes to drink out of shoes. F**k it. He’s an animal. I guess if you really want to show you don’t give a f**k, that’s a good way to go about doing it. Just grab a man’s shoe and pour a beer into it and drink it. His dirty, sweaty feet have been funking around [in there]…”

Joe Rogan continued, imagining the worst potential repercussions of this unsanitary drinking ritual.

“Imagine you died from that? Imagine if somebody’s foot fungus was so disgusting that even the alcohol didn’t kill it, and it germinated inside your gut.”

From there, the UFC commentator veered off course, shifting to the subject of venereal diseases. I’ll refrain from transcribing that and leave it up to you to listen.

Tai Tuivasa returns to the cage on the main card of UFC 238 this Saturday, where he’ll battle former World Series of Fighting heavyweight champ Blagoy Ivanov.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 6/4/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM