CM Punk officially informs UFC of retirement from MMA as he returns to pro wrestling

By Cole Shelton - August 31, 2021

CM Punk won’t be competing in MMA anymore.

CM Punk

Punk, the former WWE star, turned to MMA in 2016 and made his UFC debut at UFC 203 in Cleveland. It was a massive debut due to his star status in wrestling but he got submitted in the first round to Mickey Gall.

Following the loss, it was uncertain if Punk would fight again but he returned at UFC 225 in June of 2018 against Mike Jackson where he lost a decision. However, the fight was overturned to a No Contest due to Jackson testing positive for marijuana. Since then, though, Punk hadn’t fought in the UFC again as Dana White said it would be unlikely he would get a third fight.

“Listen, he got clipped a lot in that fight, and it looked like he was hurt bad a couple of times. He stayed in there, he went for three rounds,” White said after UFC 225 about Punk. “It should be a wrap. The guy’s 39-years-old. I love the guy. He’s the nicest guy in the world. We gave him two shots, and he had a lot of heart tonight in this fight, and yeah, I think he should call it a wrap… I wouldn’t put that kid in the Contender Series.”

Despite White saying CM Punk wouldn’t fight in the UFC again, he was still getting tested by USADA. He was tested six times in 2020 but hadn’t been tested in 2021 as he now has officially told the UFC he is retired as he has signed with AEW as he returns to pro wrestling, MMAFighting reported.

The news shouldn’t be a surprise as Punk had no intention to return to MMA or the UFC. It was also unlikely he would even be given another shot in the UFC. For now, Punk will be focused on pro wrestling as the MMA part of his career is now over as he goes winless.

What do you make of CM Punk officially retiring from MMA?