Chad Mendes slams “wooden eye having prick” Michael Bisping

Chad Mendes
Image: Chad Mendes on Instagram

Chad Mendes has fired back at former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

Mendes had recently commented on a Tim Kennedy Instagram post where he ripped Bisping. The Englishman then fired back on his podcast where he said “Money” is a cheater for using steroids.

“You little steroid cheating f**k. Don’t be sour because your career amounted to nothing. Ignorant and disrespectful? What, like disrespecting the sport by taking steroids by dishonoring yourself and your opponent in a sport that someone could die? Shame on you, you little dipsh*t,” Bisping said.

Chad Mendes obviously didn’t like those comments and followed it up by slamming Michael Bisping in an Instagram post. The former UFC title challenger also told the Englishman to keep his name out of his mouth or he will snatch his soul as Dan Henderson did to him.

Hey @mikebisping let’s get some sh*t straight here. When I LET usada suspend me it was for a banned peptide under their rules,” he wrote. “NOT a steroid. Just to put some sh*t into perspective for morons like you, too much caffeine in ur system is a violation under usada rules. That entire system is the biggest crock of shit ever implemented into the @ufc.

“Unlike all these other guys getting “popped” and making up the worst excuses ever to wheel and deal their suspension down, I owned that sh*t like a man,” Mendes continued. “Now keep my name outta ur mouth u old, wooden eye having prick before I snatch ur soul like my boy @danhendo did…. #gtfoh #alwaysrunningyourmouth”

This rivalry between Chad Mendes and Michael Bisping certainly came out of nowhere. It will be interesting to see what happens between them as a fight is highly unlikely due to the massive size difference between the two. So, perhaps they will continue to take shots at one another on social media and in interviews.

Chad Mendes retired from MMA following his TKO loss to now featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski back at UFC 232. Money fought for the featherweight title twice while competing for the interim strap once. He came up short all three times.

Michael Bisping, meanwhile, retired from the sport on a two-fight losing skid where he was knocked out by Kelvin Gastelum. Before that, he suffered a submission loss to Georges St-Pierre to lose his middleweight title.

What do you make of this feud between Chad Mendes and Michael Bisping?

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