Belal Muhammad tells Leon Edwards to retire if he’s happy with No Contest

Belal Muhammad Leon Edwards
Belal Muhammad Leon Edwards

UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad has told Leon Edwards to “hang up his gloves” if he’s satisfied with their No Contest at UFC Vegas 21.

The two men hoped to go to war in Sin City last weekend but instead, they were both left feeling frustrated after an accidental eye poke to Muhammad caused the fight to end and be deemed a No Contest.

While “Rocky” was clearly upset in the immediate aftermath of what happened, he went on to call for a title shot in the post-fight press conference, which raised a few eyebrows in the process.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Muhammad made his feelings on the matter very clear.

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“I had no ill will against him before then, but I do now,” Muhammad said. “Just his whole attitude and the way he’s acting. I’m a hard guy to get mad, but he irritated me and he’s pissing me off with just the way he’s acting and the way he’s like, ‘I won the first round, so we knew how the fight’s going to go.’

“There’s five rounds in a fight, you moron. I literally pick up as the fight goes on, so the fact that he’s talking like that, that’s what’s pissing me off the most.”

“Man-to-man, if you’re happy with that result, then you shouldn’t call yourself a fighter,” Muhammad said. “You shouldn’t call yourself a contender. You shouldn’t call yourself a champion. Man-to-man, if you’re happy with that result, honestly you should just hang up your gloves.

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“No real fighter, no true fighter would want a fight to end like that. No true fighter would let that happen. You committed the foul. You owe me the rematch. Let’s do it.”

Quotes courtesy of MMA Fighting

Will Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards get the chance to run it back?

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