UFC Stockholm Results: Peter Sobotta KO’s Ben Saunders (Highlights)

UFC Stockholm Results: Ben Saunders vs. Peter Sobotta

An intriguing welterweight scrap between Ben Saunders and Peter Sobotta took place on today’s UFC Fight Night 109 main card in Stockholm, Sweden.

Round one begins and Sobotta lands a hard low kick to start. He comes forward a heavy left hand that send Saunders to the canvas. Ben gets right back up and circles away. Saunders reengages and lands a low kick. Peter is moving well here and scores with a kick to the body and then a right hand. Ben comes forward and lands a right hand followed by a high kick. Sobotta circles off the fence and then leaps in with a crisp left. Peter with a right hand but Ben responds with a good left and then a kick to the body. Saunders is bleeding underneath his left eye. Peter connects with a left hand. Saunders returns fire with a kick to the body. He is pressing forward now. Sobotta tries to keep him at bay with a right jab. Both men trade low kicks. Saunders lands a nice right jab. Sobotta counters with a massive left that absolutely floors Saunders. Peter jumps on him with some ground and pound. Ben throws up a leg and begins to utilize the rubber guard in an attempt to tie up Sobotta. It works. Ben is able to land some elbows from off of his back to close out round one.

Round two begins and the fighters exchange some hard low kicks to start off the round. Ben lands a crisp left jab. Sobotta circles away from the cage and then lands a kick to the body of Saunders. Ben returns fire with a body kick of his own. Sobotta lands another heavy left hand. Ben is on rubber legs. Peter is pouring on the pressure now. Saunders somehow is still on his feet. Sobotta pumps a right jab in his face. He is looking to land another big left. He does. Saunders is rocked. Peter follows that up with a standing knee that absolutely floors Ben and this one is all over! WOW!

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