UFN 88 Results: Lorenz Larkin defeats Jorge Masvidal via split-decision

By Chris Taylor - May 29, 2016

A welterweight tilt between Jorge Masvidal (29-11 MMA) and Lorenz Larkin (17-5 MMA) took place on the main card of UFC Fight Night 88.

Round one begins with a tentative start. Both men are trying to find their range. Larkin with some good leg kicks. He lands a stiff kick to the body of Masvidal. Nice left hook from Larkin. Jorge replies with a leg kick and then a right jab. Lorenz with a nice overhand right. He delivers another big kick the leg of Masvidal. Jorge lands a nice right hand. Masvidal is putting on the pressure now. He clinches Larkin and presses him up against the fence. Good knees from both fighters. They break and Larkin lands another brutal leg kick. Good shot from Masvidal and then a leg kick. Larkin accidently pokes Jorge in the eye during an exchange and the doctor is forced to come in and take a look. Masvidal tells the doctor he will be ok and we restart. Good leg kick from Jorge as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and the fighters instantly exchange shots. Larkin with a huge leg kick. Jorge responds with a leg kick of his own. Another good kick from Larkin. Masvidal smiles but he cannot be enjoying those. Nice right hand from Lorenz Larkin. Masvidal charges forward with jabs. Nice elbow from Larkin. Jorge responds with a right hand. Larkin with a big body kick. Lorenz clinches with Masvidal and presses him up against the cage. Nice elbow inside from Jorge. Larkin with some knees. They break and Jorge goes upstairs with a high kick. Larkin with a shot to the body. He lands another devastating leg kick. Msavidal continues to press forward. He clinches Larkin against the fence. One minute left in round two. Larkin switches position and lands an elbow. The fighters break and Larkin lands a stiff right hand. Masvidal with a leg kick. Another good combo scores for Lorenz. Good shots from Jorge, Larkin ducks under and scores a takedown to end round two.

Round three begins and Jorge goes upstairs with a high kick that is blocked. The fighters exchange low kicks. Beautiful left body kick from Larkin. Masvidal charges forward with shots. Larkin lands an uppercut and shoots in for a takedown. Masvidal with a nice right. He grabs a hold of Larkin’s neck and tries a standing guillotine. Lorenz breaks free and lands a nice left. Both men are throwing bombs. Masvidal gets a hold of Lorenz and tries another guillotine. It is not there and Larkin gets back to his feet. Nice uppercut from Larkin. He has Jorge pressed against the fence. The fighters break and Larkin throws a left kick to the body. Jorge with a takedown attempt. He doesn’t get it but lands a nice elbow inside. They clinch. Larkin with a knee. Jorge with an elbow. Larkin lands a nice spinning back elbow as the horn sounds to end the fight.

Lorenz Larkin defeats Jorge Masvidal via decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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