UFN 87 Results: Magnus Cedenblad TKO’s Garreth McLellan in round 2

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A middleweight bout between Magnus Cedenblad (14-4 MMA) and Garreth McLellan (13-4 MMA) took place at today’s UFC Fight Night 87 event in Rotterdam.

Round one begins McLellan lands a couple of kicks to get things started. Magnus replies with a kick to the body of his own. McLellan just misses with a high kick. Magnus with a nice right hand and then a kick to the body. McLellan replies with a leg kick. Good right hand counter for Magnus drops McLellan. He quickly pops back to his feet however and eats a body shot. McLellan throws a kick to the body but eats a jab. Magnus with a good right hand counter shot. McLellan with a body kick. Magnus replies with a front kick to the body. Big right hand lands for Magnus. McLellan with a jab. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and McLellan begins by throwing a combo that misses. He lands a side kick on Magnus. Magnus replies with a huge body kick and then begins landing some massive uppercuts. More uppercuts and the referee is forced to step in and stop the carnage.

Magnus Cedenblad defeats Garreth McLellan via TKO in round 2

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