UFN 83 Results: James Krause defeats Shane Campbell via decision

By Chris Taylor - February 21, 2016

A lightweight bout between James Krause (23-7 MMA) and Shane Campbell (12-4 MMA) kicked off the ‘UFC Fight Night 83’ main card in Pittsburgh.

Round one begins and Krause catches a kick from Campbell but can’t get him to the ground. Krause presses Shane against the fence and eats a knee from Campbell. Shane now with double under hooks on Krause and searching for a takedown of his own. James breaks free. Front kick misses from Campbell and Krause shoots in for a takedown. He’s stuffed by Shane. James throws a nice right uppercut that lands. Good combo from Krause and he follows those punches up with a stiff jab. Campbell answers with a kick but Krause returns fire with a big punch. James has Shane pressed up against the fence and lands a good shot. They break and Krause lands a body kick. Good shot from Campbell. They tie up. Good body kick from Shane and then a big left hand. Krause shoots in and gets a takedown. Shane scrambles but Krause takes his back. James locks in the rear naked choke and it’s deep. 10 seconds left. Campbell fighting hard to make the bell and he does. Wow.

Round two begins and Campbell takes aim at Krause’s body with kicks. Shane scores a trip and winds up on top of Krause in the full guard position. James is looking for an amrbar. Shane gets free but Krause is up. He presses Shane against the fence and starts looking for a takedown. He is able to drag Campbell to the canvas and wind up in side control. Krause takes the back of Shane. He’s looking for that rear-naked choke again. One hook is in for Krause. Campbell scrambles and now Krause is on his back. The fighters are back on their feet but Shane has a body lock and Krause. James shakes him free and begins searching for another takedown. Krause finally gets the takedown but Shane pops right back up. Good knee lands for Krause who scores a trip and winds up in top position. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Campbell scores with some leg kicks. He’s trying to keep his distance but Krause is pressing forward. James has Shane against the fence. Campbell reverses the position. They break. Good jab lands for Krause. Nice combo from Campbell. The fighters exchange kicks to the body. Krause shoots for a takedown but Shane defends.. for now. Krause is still all over Campbell but Shane will not go down. Head kick misses on the break for Campbell. Krause dives in for a takedown but does not get it. Good shots from Shane and a big elbow on the break. Campbell with a head kick that partially connects. Krause shoots in for a takedown but is stuffed. A trip from Campbell lands him in top position. He takes the back of Krause and looks for a rear-naked choke. He’s landing some decent shot on Krause. James scrambles but Shane winds up in the mount. 30 seconds left. Shoulder strikes from the top by Shane. He postures up and lands some big shots before the horn sounds to end the fight.

James Krause defeats Shane Campbell via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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