UFN 82 Results: Justin Scoggins defeats Ray Borg via decision

By Chris Taylor - February 6, 2016

A flyweight bout between Ray Borg (9-2 MMA) and Justin Scoggins (11-2 MMA) took place on the UFC Fight Night 82 prelims in Las Vegas.

Justin Scoggins

Ray Borg opened round one with an early takedown but Justin Scoggins bounded right back to his feet and pressured Borg against the fence. Good work from the clinch by Scoggins. Borg dips down for a takedown attempt but Scoggins stuffs it and they break. Good shot from Justin and he presses Borg against the fence. Good body kick from Scoggins. He follows up with a front kick and then punches. Head kick partially lands for Scoggins. Borg attempts a wild spinning back fist that misses. Goo jab from Justin and then he throws a switch kick. Borg dives in for a takedown but misses. Good jab and then a leg kick from Scoggins.

Round two begins and Scoggins presses forward with a head kick. Borg eats the kick and clinches up. Scoggins gets on top as Borg appeared to pull guard. Borg is searching for submissions and Scoggins decides to stand back up. Good punches by both fighters. Scoggins ducks under and lands a takedown. He moves to half guard with three minutes remaining. Borg is scrambling and gets back to his feet. Scoggins immediately takes him back down and begins hammering him with punches. Borg back to his feet but he’s eating shots. More punches land for Scoggins who looks terrific tonight. Leg kicks lands for Justin and he follows up with back to back side kicks. Borg answers with a kick. Nice jab inside lands for Scoggins. Round two comes to a close with the fighters battling in the clinch.

Round three begins and Borg dives in for a takedown and gets it. This is where Ray wants to be. Scoggins scrambles and ends up reversing the position. Justin promptly moves to half guard. Good shots from the top by Scoggins but Borg moves back to full guard in the process. Ray is trying to wall-walk but Scoggins isn’t having it and drags him back down. Borg with a hard scramble and he is back up. Scoggins shoots in and Borg is right back down. Borg is searching for submissions but Scoggins is having none of it. Round three ends and this is a clear cut win for Justin Scoggins.

Justin Scoggins defeats Ray Borg via decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)


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