UFN 82 Results: Ovince Saint Preux defeats Rafael Cavalcante via decision

By Chris Taylor - February 6, 2016

Light heavyweights Ovince Saint Preux (19-7 MMA) and Rafael Cavalcante (12-7 MMA) squared off on the UFC Fight Night 82 main card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and “OSP” starts off by throwing a front kick. Another good kick to the body from Saint Preux. He is walking Cavalcante down. Rafael is moving well but has not come up with any offense as of yet. “OSP” with a leg kick and he looks to have injured his foot. Saint Preux is in trouble. He can barely put any pressure on his foot. Big leg kick lands for Cavalcante. He scores with another thunderous inside leg kick. “OSP” is limping badly. Saint Preux presses forward with some jabs. Huge left hand lands for “OSP”. He presses forward with more punches and drops Rafael. Saint Preux jumps on him and begins landing shots from the top position. Round one ends.

Round two gets under way and “OSP” lands a body kick to start. Saint Preux comes forward with big shots but they both miss. Nice left hand from Cavalcante finds a home. Good front kick from Saint Preux. “OSP” lands a big shots and Cavalcante goes down. Saint Preux gets on top and begins working punches from full guard. Big shots from Saint Preux to end round two.

Round three begins and “OSP” scores with a left hand. Big leg kick and then punches land for Cavalcante. “OSP” misses with a front kick to the face. Big takedown by Saint Preux. “OSP” moves to half guard and begins landing short punches from the top. Cavalcante is defending but not working to get back up. Rafael is able to get back in to the full guard position. Not much action from either man. “OSP” finally gets off a good shot. He finishes off the round with some big shots that leave Cavalcante battered and bruised.

Ovince Saint Preux defeats Rafael Cavalcante via decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


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